We are the U. S. CORPORATION
Our portfolio ranges from dispersant antifoams, surface tech and fine chemicals for paint, paper, leather chemical, textile chemical, agriculture and construction. You can find detailed information about our products and solutions, on this page. You can search by product name and also by application use, customer industry and chemical substance.
Defoamers/ Anti-foamer:
  • UFBN 108 (Non-silicon mineral oil base defoamer)
  • UFBN 110 (Silicon based anti-foam)
  • UFBN 112 (Modified silicon anti-foam)
Dispersing Agents
  • UCRY 816N (Sodium salt based excellent quality)
  • UCRY 7 Modified Dispersant
  • UCRY 7A (Ammonium salt based)
  • UCRY 112A (Modified Ammonium salt)
Surfactant and Emulsifier
  • USEMULSO 10 (Substitute of NP-9)
  • USEMULSO 11 (Eco green and substitute of np-9)
  • USEMULSO 20 (Double strength and substitute of np-9/10 also replacement of berol-281)
  • USEMULSO 21 (Eco Green Product)
Multifunctional 3-in-1 Products
  • UCRYFLOW 333 (To control color development dark shades made of oxides pigments)
Alkyd Emulsifier
  • USAE 01 (Alkyd Emulsifier)
Products for the Emulsion Polymerization (Binders)
  • UFBN 109
  • UFBNS - 120(Silicon Anti-foam)
  • USEMULSO 26 (Surfactant and Emulsifier)
Dispersant and Defoarmer
  • UCRYFLOW T45 (Dispersant)
  • UFBS T2112 (Silicon Defoamer)
  • UFBS T2110 (Silicon Defoamer)
Tanning Agents
  • WILTAN ACO1 (Soft Retaining Agent)
  • WILTAN ACO2 (Modified Retaining Agent)
  • WILTAN ACO3 (Hard Retaining Agent)
  • AS-400 (Specialized binder for Embossing)
Defoamers / Anti-foams
  • UFBN P1532 (Non-silicon Defoamers)
  • UFBS PSLO (Non-silicon Anti-foam)
  • UFBS P0110 (Silicon anti-foam Paper and Slurry)
  • UCRYFLOW 58 (Paper Industry)
  • UCRYFLOW 845 (Slurry)
Chemicals Manufactures
  • UFBN C801 (Defoamer)
  • UFBN 126 (Silicon Anti-foam)
  • USCMULSO 158 (Surfactant and Emulsifier)
  • USCMULSO 153 (Surfactant and Emulsifier)
  • UCRYFLOW CDA (Dispersant)
  • GLUE G - 40 (Adhesive for Mosaic and Marble Industry)